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Gluten Free Organic Sourdough Bread Mix 315g

Gluten Free Organic Sourdough Bread Mix 315g

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Say hello to sandwich heaven! Get ready for a love affair with this loaf. Grab your favourite fillings, take a bite, and savour the sandwich joy. This gluten free wonder will make your taste buds sing with happiness! At last, a gluten free staple you can't live without.

What You Will Need:

310g active GF sourdough starter

350g filtered water

1.5tsp salt

A fermented loaf your gut is going to love!

All ingredients are organic: sorghum flour, tapioca flour, psyllium husk, flaxseed

Free from

Wheat, eggs, nuts, soy, sugar, corn, no GMO, gums or instant yeasts.


This sourdough loaf weighs approx 860g

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Love it

Product and service are great. Thanks Georgie... you really are amazing