Hey there, I'm Georgie, and my heart is truly alive as I nourish my family through homesteading and nature's bounty, just like our great grandparents did.

This journey has been incredible. I started running workshops for friends who wanted to learn, and now, here we are, with a website and a fantastic community of beautiful souls like you!

My home is on a cozy 2-acre piece of land with my husband, Benny, our daughter, Story, and our beloved animals. We've found our slice of heaven on Earth and feel blessed to care for this land in harmony with nature. Our large vegetable garden provides for us, our animals, and our friends. We're passionate about organic farming, permaculture, and homesteading, learning something new every day and embracing a mix of old traditions and modern technology.

Personally, after becoming a mother in 2018 (and I know many of you can relate), I felt a part of me was missing. I missed that spark of excitement I used to have. Running my first workshop reignited that spark in me, and I found my true self again. It's hard to put into words, but doing something for myself, being of worth, and sharing knowledge filled me with energy and purpose. Now, we're all here, having inspiring and healing moments through Instagram chats, bake days, and workshops.

It's been a blessing to see so many people find joy and healing through sourdough. Learning a new skill rejuvenates the soul, and I've received heartfelt emails from many of you who've experienced it. The magic of nature with just flour and water is a gift. Each loaf I bake connects me to the history of sourdough, and the countless people it has nourished for centuries.

I hope that with every bake, you hear the whispers of your ancestors guiding you back to the old ways of cooking, preserving, and making your kitchen the heart of your home.

Take it slow and be kind to yourself. You don't have to master all the steps at once. What matters most is that you and your family enjoy the taste and share meals together. We're all rustic, home bakers, having fun and feeding our loved ones for a healthy, fulfilling life.

Let's return to the pure, old ways where confidence is high, and our family's bellies are full. Let's be proud of our abundance and knowledge and share it with one another. Let's bring back that sense of community, trading food, and exchanging smiles. This is my dream for humanity.

So, if you find joy in this, I invite you to bake and create with me. I've poured my heart into my online videos, and I want you to master this skill!

Feel free to reach out with any questions, grab a friend, and let's get mixing in your kitchen!

Can't wait to meet you, With love, Georgie