How sourdough has changed my life

My heart comes to life in teaching you my skills through my beloved sourdough starters and the beautiful organic flours nature provides. This is how great great grandma and grandpa used to make bread and thrived on. This is natural yeast in all its glory and YOU will have the power to keep it growing and feeding your family for a lifetime.


My prayer for you is that you find a way to fit my teachings from these mixes into your daily life, eat with loved ones and make the heart of your home the kitchen.


I would love for you to join me and like minded people finding a way back to ourselves, back to our roots. These mixes and my video teachings are a revolution on taking back our lives, health and our kitchens! Men and Woman have let go of their sacred roles within the home. Wondering why sometimes we are lacking that sense of deep fulfilment and satisfaction. For me, I built my self esteem back with baking for my family in a deep way I cannot articulate into words. Sounds corny but it's true. So simply, come join me on this sourdough adventure and see how something so simple and delicious can change your life!