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Keeping A Family Cow Workshop

Keeping A Family Cow Workshop

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10am start - 3pm approx finish in Glenview, Sunshine Coast.

One of the biggest joys of mine and my families life has been keeping a family cow. I cannot express the positive attributes it has brought to our life.

This has not come without a lot of studying, mentoring, practise and patience. We did not wake up one day and decide 'oh I think im gonna buy a milking cow!'

From starting to think about the idea seriously to purchasing my gorgeous girl Pumpkin was a 14month process. Not saying it has to take this long but that is the time frame that came naturally to me and I felt I had enough knowledge to begin.

On the day we will cover :

*How to choose the right cow and breed for your needs

*Land size for keeping a cow

*Feed, minerals, hay, nutrients

*hand milking versus machine

*Best practice for straining and storing your milk

*How much time it will take in your daily life to manage and milk a cow

*seeding and growing pasture on your land if needed

*holistic management for flies, cuts, sores etc

*sickness and medications - holistic and pharmaceutical

*getting your cow pregnant - natural vs AI

*birthing calves

*List of free online cow forums and Facebook pages that can be very helpful anytime you have a question or problem.

*and lots more I could literally talk about cows for the rest of my life!

A workbook will be provided with all the info above and space for note taking.

I will also gift you my favourite book on keeping a family cow so you have a great read to start off with!

Can’t wait to meet you and share this age old tradition that will nourish your families & that you can pass on to loved ones for their future,

Love G*

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